Calor Gas

JBW Smith is a local calor gas outlet located in Cupar Fife supplying propane, butane and patio gas bottles.

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Whether you have a gas fire in your home, having a barbecue when the weathers good or maybe even relaxing
in the garden during a chilly winter evening using your patio heater, and not forgetting the seasoned caravan traveller why not be prepared and buy calor gas from your local outlet.

Bottled propane, butane and patio gas bottles are always
in stock at your local Calor gas supplier in central Fife 

Call Your Bottled Gas Stockist in Cupar Fife 01334 654918

JBW Smith are your local dealer stockists for Calor Gas in Cupar Fife providing for portable gas cylinders for your portable cookers, fires and barbecues.

We have a select range of gas cylinders that you can purchase;

  • BBQ Gas Bottles 5kg and 13kg
  • Patio Heater Gas Bottles 19Kkg, 13kg and 5kg
  • Portable Heater Gas Bottles 15kg, 7kg and 6kg
  • DIY and Outdoor Gas Bottles 47kg, 19kg and 3.9kg
  • Camping Caravan Gas Bottles 47kg, 19kg, 6kg, 5kg and 4.5kg

Need a Propane Gas Bottle? Call 01334 654918

Need a Butane Gas Bottle? Call 01334 654918

Need A Patio Gas Bottle? Call 01334 654918

For all your portable heating or cooking needs and out door appliances we can supply the right gas bottles you need in a variety of sizes.

CALL JBW SMITH ON 01334 654918


Propane (red and green cylinders) has a lower boiling point than butane (blue cylinders)
Propane gas cylinders are stored at a higher pressure so it is more suited for storage outside.
Butane’s boiling point (conversion from liquid to gas) is around 0˚C so in colder conditions around this temperature it will not work.

Which type of Gas Bottle Do I Need? If you are unsure of which type of gas bottle you require, this handy guide on the calor gas website will help you choose.