Husqvarana LC151S Lawnmower

  • £549.00

Husqvarna LC151S lawnmower from JBW Smith your local lawnmower dealer in Cupar Fife  is this state-of-the-art grass cutting machine built to make lawn maintenance easier and more efficient than ever before.

Self propelled and with variable speed and with its powerful engine and cutting-edge design, the LC151S is perfect for homeowners who want a lawn that looks great all season long. The mower's self-propelled drive system makes it easy to manoeuvre across uneven terrain and through tough grass, while its adjustable cutting height lets you customize the look of your lawn to your liking.

A few of the Husqvarna LC151S Lawnmower key features:

2800rpm Husqvarna engine: This powerful motor provides plenty of torque for even the toughest cutting jobs. Whether you're dealing with thick, overgrown grass or just need to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, the LC151S has you covered.

Self-propelled drive system: No more struggling to push your mower up hills or through thick grass. The LC151S self-propelled drive system makes mowing a breeze, so you can get your lawn looking great without breaking a sweat.

Adjustable cutting height: Want a shorter, more manicured lawn? Or do you prefer a longer, more natural look? The LC151S cutting height can be adjusted to suit your needs, so you can achieve the perfect look for your outdoor space.

Large cutting deck: With a 21-inch (51cm) cutting deck, the LC151S can cover more ground with each pass. That means you can finish your lawn maintenance tasks faster, leaving you with more time to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space.

Easy-to-use controls: The LC151S intuitive controls make it easy to start, stop, and adjust the mower as needed. You'll appreciate the ease of use, especially if you've struggled with other mowers in the past.

If you're ready to take your lawn maintenance to the next level, the Husqvarna LC151S is the mower for you.  Get ready to enjoy a beautiful, well-manicured lawn all season long!

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