Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw 225i with battery and charger

  • £339.00

Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw 225i with battery and charger buy at JBW Smith Cupar Fife.

Husqvarna 225i battery chainsaw delivers high cutting capacity with less noise compared to a petrol engine, no fumes, or direct CO2 emissions. 
Excellent for quick and easy pruning, felling small trees and firewood cutting around your home garden. Lightweight, slimmed, and well-balanced, the Husqvarna 225i battery chainsaw is very easy to start and use. It is built with premium quality in the design, cutting performance, and durability. Equipped with an updated digital user interface, inertia chain brake, and optional with tool-less chain tensioner. 

Battery Chainsaw 225i Features

Interchangeable Battery System:
One battery can be used for several tools, and the wide range of options, from lightweight integrated to backpack batteries, makes it easy to find a tailored, powerful solution that perfectly suits your task at hand.

Tool-less Chain Tensioning:
Quickly and easily adjust the chain 

Chain break guard:
The design of the chain brake guard allows easier view of the tip of the saw bar, and improved control when operating.  

Automatic shutdown:
The product automatically shuts down when left unattended, extending battery life and reducing injury risk. 

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