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Garden Machinery Service and Repairs Shop in Cupar Fife

At JBW Smith in Cupar Fife we service all types of garden machinery equipment. So, what's involved in our garden machinery servicing and what does it cost?

Every customer who has come to trust us with their garden machinery servicing and repairs come armed with the two most common questions that is important first and foremost;

  • How much does our Garden Machinery Servicing cost?
  • What is included in our Machine Servicing?

Due to the variety and range of garden machinery equipment that tends to come through the door, it's impossible to provide you with a blanket price for the machine servicing we provide. If you are not close by to bring in your garden machinery for us to have a look at its condition, then call us with the details of your machinery and we can discuss with you a quotation.

We will check the general overall condition of of your garden equipment . We check by starting the machinery up and giving it a test run. If you have a ride on mower or petrol rotary mower we are going to change the oil and filter (if fitted)

The conditions of your blades will also be assessed. With chainsaws we shall check the condition of the chain, and check the chain brake function.

With ride on mowers, petrol mowers and chainsaws we shall also check, clean and if necessary replace spark plugs depending on their condition.

The process and cost for your petrol strimmers and leaf blowers is similar to that of our petrol chainsaw service.

If you need your petrol hedge cutter looked at the approach to servicing is similar to what we do with chainsaws but blade sharpening is not included in the price of the service.

If you want more information about our garden machinery servicing or want to book your machine in for a service please call Scott on 01334 654918

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